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Affinity Articles

We are actively seeking articles of interest to others who visit this site. If you have articles or links that you would like to share please submit as an email attachment, preferably in MS Word format. Thank you.

Let's Create a New Vibe! by Flesymi

Isn't It About Time? by Flesymi

Manifesting (Y)Our Destiny by Flesymi

The Inevitability of Abundance by Flesymi

Thriving in Challenging Times by Flesymi

The Transition We Call Death by Flesymi


Love and Clarity by Matthew Webb

Lessons of the Soul-Part 1 by Mathew Webb

Lessons of the Soul - Part 2 by Mathew Webb

Lessons of the Soul - Part 3 by Mathew Webb

Living in the Present Moment by Alijandra

Alchemy and the Radiant Rainbow
A Path to Enlightenment
by Alijandra

Creating Your Pyramid of Power in the Fifth Dimension by Ronna Herman

BREATHE in and BREATHE out LIGHT & LOVE DAILY by Russ Michael

I AM You by Martin Dewhurst

Weekly "I AM" Statements sample daily meditations


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