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"Just keep humming and the discords will be drowned out. Life is a great organ, to be played with body and soul...forget yourself in its majestic rhythms and you will find heaven on earth."

Winifred Rhodes Emmanuel
Gay Troubadour of the Organ

Let's Create a New Vibe!
by Flesymi

Have you ever walked into a room where some people were talking about you, and they were not talking about you with the highest of regard? Do you remember the palpable negative air that greeted you before you noticed anything else? It wasn’t very comfortable for any one in the room, let alone for you.

Now imagine walking into a room where another group of folks are extolling your finer virtues…and remarking on how good you make them feel…and how happy they are that you are in their lives. Surely that would be a much better "vibe" to walk into and would probably inspire you to a higher, happier, healthier, more resourceful experience with your friends.

This good "vibe" is that unmistakable feeling that we all want, no matter what we’re trying to get it through. However, as the above examples illustrate, this vibe can be positive or negative. The source of these vibes is a very real, but currently immeasurable, field of mental and emotional energies that strongly influences what we think and how we feel.

Just as our individual selves have mental and emotional bodies - subtle fields that are comprised of our collection of thoughts and feelings as individuals - there is a planetary mental-emotional body that is comprised of the thoughts and emotions of every person on Earth. This planetary mental-emotional body affects each one of us individually whether we know it or not. In other words, how we think and feel influences our words and actions that in turn affect others around us, which in turn influences how they think and feel, and so on. We live our lives within these subtle, invisible mental-emotional energies that have a profound impact on the nature and character of our worldly experience.

Admittedly we may be mostly unconscious that we are under the spell of these influences. It is imperative, however, that we wake up to this fact for the sake of our personal and collective evolution. To advance individually and as a species we must become aware that we can actually choose which thoughts and feelings to tune into. By consciously tuning into ones that are aligned with a stirring vision of a positive future, we can alter the character of these fields and, thus, present a new energetic background that is more likely to express that vision and the "good" vibes. And those vibes, like walking into the room with your loving friends, will naturally yield higher, happier, healthier, more resourceful worldly experiences.

It can be difficult to understand how our private thoughts and feelings can affect others, but it is this very understanding that is required to move on to a more fulfilling destiny . To grasp this powerful truth realize that we live in a vibratory reality. Modern science tells us that everything in the universe vibrates, from electrons to stars, from human cells to your whole body. Even a rock is vibrating: its subatomic elements are vibrating and spinning at unimaginable speeds. These vibrations are like music. But at the human level, some of us are vibrating to acid rock while others have Vivaldi playing inside. The interesting thing about vibrating systems, whether it be a throbbing star or a human orchestra, is that they influence each other through a phenomenon called rhythm entrainment.

Suppose we go out on a balmy summer evening and notice some fireflies settling in a bush, blinking on and off. At first we see random blinking but fairly soon we notice that an order is slowly developing. It starts with just a few fireflies blinking in unison, then a few more, then more. Suddenly, after a critical number join in the synchronized light show, we see that all the fireflies in the whole bush are blinking on and off in unison. Any stray firefly that later happens by this coherent group will be strongly influenced to also blink in unison. The greater the number of fireflies blinking in unison, the greater the influence is on other fireflies to also blink in unison with the group.

This is rhythm entrainment. It seems that nature finds it more economical to have vibrations that are close enough in frequency to occur in step with each other. Furthermore, a coherent group of vibrating units, say fireflies or humans, has a greater power of influence than an incoherent group . In other words, the first few fireflies that blink in unison (the beginning of coherence for the group) influences other fireflies to blink in unison. This continues until the coherent group is strong enough, i.e. has reached a critical mass, to cause all of the fireflies to flicker in unison, "in the blink of an eye." This natural phenomenon shows nature's perennial movement toward higher forms of intelligence and organization...the opposite of entropy. It also points the way to the next stage in human evolution.

This firefly analogy relates perfectly to our human condition. The existing mental-emotional field for the human race, which is imbued with the fears and wounded emotions of all humans, is quite strong but it is also incredibly incoherent. It is incoherent because everyone is looking out for "number one" and flails about quite randomly with their thoughts and rampant emotions. Not only is everyone thinking and feeling differently, but the very character of these inner states is rooted in a fear-based perspective of reality. This fear leads to separatism, which intrinsically inspires chaos, irrationality, greed and violence…the epitome of societal incoherence.

Until recently there was not much that could be done about this mental-emotional incoherence on a collective level. Fortunately, evolution has seen to it that the human nervous system is extended through technology to encompass the globe. Through the World Wide Web, we can now electronically communicate with virtually any person, anywhere, at nearly the speed of light. Through this vast global communications network we can view events around the world while they are happening, corroborate on design projects, work from our homes, transact business on opposites sides of the world from our partners and from our bank accounts, and be entertained by a ceaseless electronic stream of human imagination and trivia.

But there is also a higher purpose for this amazing technology. We can use it to create an extremely powerful, coherent prototype of a mental-emotional body for Planet Earth. Although it starts with just a few "firefly" humans, thinking and feeling in unison with a higher vision , it will invariably grow in size and strength. We don’t need fifty percent of the Earth’s population to harmonize with us to achieve results, nor even forty percent, because the coherent mental-emotional field of our prototype is proportionately stronger, by orders of magnitude, than the existing incoherent one. Once a critical mass is achieved, the force of coherence and harmony will be so great that everyone will begin living from love instead of fear…"in the blink of an eye." In this instant, Earth's population will be rhythmically entrained to the vibration of our original prototype whose essential character is social convergence and unity. This is the high road to our personal and global evolution. The low road we know all too well as is evidenced by some bleak and dark epochs in our history.

Along this high road, when our brothers and sisters of Planet Earth awaken every morning, it will be like walking into our friends’ room with the "good vibes." The only difference is that it will be the entire planet that is bathed in this new, loving, abundant vibe. We will have consciously cocreated a new mental-emotional body for Planet Earth that harmonizes with a higher vision for ourselves and humankind.

But it starts with each of us individually. It is we who add the dimension of meaning and purpose to our world...to our future.

"It is we who make wine drunk."

If you share this affinity for the infinite possibilities inherent within our nature, then we invite you to take our Affinity Tour and join us. Help us create a new vibe!


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