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Thriving in
Challenging Times
by Flesymi

We seem to be in the midst of a powerful movement of energies that are heightening the human experience, both positive and negative. It seems to be climbing a logarithmic scale that demands extreme inner and outer balance. We all appear to be facing significantly increasing life issues that demand balanced, wholesome, loving!

My view is that the faucet of the Life Force is being opened up and God bless anything that blocks Its way. The current "technological revolution" is not spearheaded by technology, but rather by the veil of human distortion that is more quickly being lifted, allowing our core perceptions to be expanded so that we may view higher, multidimensional realities co-existent with our own. At the same time, something new, unfathomable and unspeakable is being born, in us and  through us, and no part of Creation is unaffected by these birthing pains. We are living in exciting and challenging times.

I believe that we are being asked in a most intimate, yet  collective, way to raise our own capacity to handle the increasing energies of a new way of being...a new world. This  new world is of a new seed, which we have all participated in creating by raising our own "light" through our energetic, emotional, mental, physical and etheric challenges. I trust that the Universe has absolutely no interest in birthing something that has been before; therefore, that which we are actively witnessing (from the inside!) is a phenomena that we cannot predict with certainty. And as we move closer to this birth we shall experience greater and greater novelty (uncertainty) in increasing waves of "time," whose cycle (the frequency in which the waves move through us) are increasing exponentially also.

What to do:

A. We must make our first priority in every moment be our connection to Spirit, to the very core of our inmost Self. Affirm with us:

"I Am Whole This Moment." Keep reminders of this in your wallet, on your desk, on your rear view mirror, etc. These are not just words; affirm them with the full force of your I AM Presence ( ).

B. Practice extreme awareness. Be in the world but not of it. Practice detachment and non-judgement, but do not "leave" the world. The four dimensions of our current awareness are part of a 5th-, 6th-, 7th-dimensional world (can you have our 3D space without its constituent 2-dimensional components?); there is no escaping who and what "We" are. Our beauty we take with us, but our darkness comes follows us around like second-hand smoke. Ours is a path of Mastery, not escape! Through extreme awareness let us resolve to stay judgement-free, of self and others, and passionately involved (but detached; a paradox in which we must learn to live if we expect to exist in higher dimensions) in a radically changing world.

Affirm with us this week:

" I AM Awareness."

C. Cultivate the ability to perceptually zoom in and out with  ease. This is mastering perception. We and our perceived world arise simultaneously out of the living void each and every moment. The Big Bang is not a historical event as viewed from hyper-dimensional space; it is the moment-by-moment manifestation of Creation, of which we are like holographic fragments. When we cultivate our abilities to view with clarity the microcosm of our own personal, little worlds, and also, with the same clarity the macrocosm of our Greater Self (as manifested in our 6 billion other Soul Mates incarnate now, as well as beings invisible but here with us also now), we begin the process of living multidimensionally.

Affirm with us this week:
"I AM Master of Perception."


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