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by Russ Michael

Friends and Beloveds:

The idea or concept of "breathing in" and "breathing out" (something so seemingly abstract) as LIGHT or LOVE may not be understood. Perhaps a little heart/mind exploration into this most profound, most simple, and thus most powerful "teaching" presented to mankind on earth to date can make this recent, clear, awesome teaching more easily understood.

What is LIGHT? What is LOVE? There are all kinds of "light" from ordinary daylight, to lightbulb night light, to "light of knowledge," "light of the soul," "light of the spirit" to the great LIGHT of the one and many I AM THAT I AM. So if the Great Light of I AM That I AM seems too abstract, pick any other one of these listed "light formations" and think of and feel that when you BREATHE in and BREATHE out LIGHT. Light is light. LOVE comes from the Christ and is so pure, so unconditional that it may also seem too abstract to you. If so, any thought and feeling of your own love, "parent love," "love of children," "husband/wife" or "soulmate love," love of life, love of earth, love of animals and nature will do. Any kind of love "stems" from or is a "branch of" Christ love. So BREATHE in and BREATHE out whatever form or "level" of LOVE that seems and feels real to you. Love is love.

Considering we each think an average of 50,000 thoughts daily, if you or I take or make several 10- or 15-minute (or half-hour) "blocks" of our daily time and focus on breathing in and breathing out LIGHT and LOVE, it becomes obvious that we must become a more brightly lit and more compassionate, loving person, more and more each day. It is either true or not that YOU BECOME AND ARE WHAT YOU FOCUS ON. And I know this is true. And as the "27 Speakers" have pointed out, everyone and everything breathes. This is the one, conscious, single denominator between all forms of conscious life on Earth or in our universe.

When you and I combine the "magic" or immense power of focus and conscious BREATH on unconditional LOVE (or radiant LIGHT), we gradually and most assuredly BECOME IT. When your breathe in SACRED and breathe out SACRED, feel it as much as you can. When you BREATHE in and BREATHE out TRUST, feel it. Know that Heaven and the Angels of LIGHT and LOVE will permit no detour of God's plan on Earth. Trust is such a mighty force in the Universe. Be it. Bask in it. When you breathe in sensuality, passion or sexuality and BREATHE this exquisite feeling (that sings and rings through every fiber of your being) back out into the universe again, you become enlivened, re-charged again. When you BREATHE in and BREATHE out TRUTH, feel it strongly and know that nothing can stop truth from unfolding in your own being and upon all earth. My very favorite is BREATHING in and BREATHING out GRATITUDE, THANKS and APPRECIATION. I can feel and taste it in every bone of my body. I can count so many daily blessings consciously in my mind and feel it so blissfully and ecstatically in my heart of hearts as I draw in and push out this exquisite nectar of soulful gratitude for ALL in my life.

If you are in lack, then consciously BREATHE in and BREATHE out your own (and the entire spectrum of humanity's) rich PROSPERITY, giving thanks that as you acknowledge it, it is so. What I wish to do is to help you know or understand that you, we, us, have been handed a timely "tool" like no other that is IMMEDIATE and produces the grand and personal transformation for which all of us have yearned and longed for for so many lifetimes.

I LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONALLY! Each one of us can help spread this "web" of LIGHT and LOVE daily. REPETITION WORKS! Please see if you can consciously develop the habit of putting a "tag" on the end of your personal e-mails or e-mails to your own e-mail group or to any other groups that will evoke their individual or collective curiosity and desire to find out what this brief statement means:

"BREATHE in and BREATHE out LIGHT & LOVE DAILY for myself and all others!


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