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Weekly Convergence

If you just joined us , your information has been submitted. Thank you for joining our Be it Now! Vision Holder's Network. You will receive an email shortly with this week's meditation-prayer, our "Weekly Convergence."

Below is a suggested format for the daily meditation-
prayer. We suggest that you print this page for future use.

Click here for ways to help remember this meditation everyday .

Step 1. Many times throughout your day, pause for a few moments and center yourself. Recall the weekly idea and experience it as a deeply felt prayer or meditation. How you do this is up to you, however, Step 2 offers some guidelines. The more frequently and intensely that we converge on these "ideas" the quicker we draw them into our experience.

Step 2. Feel free to reinterpret the steps below into whatever religion or spiritual belief with which you resonate. You may offer this weekly idea in silence or aloud, repeat as a mantra or pray in unison with your church or support group. You can do it with eyes open or closed, at your desk or driving your car, at a meeting or walking in the park.

  1. Know that you are joining many other conscious co-creators around the world in this convergence in heart and mind.
  2. Know that the pure intent of this energetic moment is precipitating a critical-mass shift and manifesting this idea, and that universal forces are crystallizing the idea this very moment.
  3. Bring your attention to the area of your heart and feel the most deeply felt love imaginable.
  4. Project this love into the earth, out into the stars, and into the heart of all animate and inanimate matter. Visualize and feel all life infused by and emanating a brilliant, living light.
  5. Hold the weekly idea in consciousness as a present reality while in this love-imbued state. Contemplate its deep meaning and make it a part of your current experience. Keep it with you throughout your day.
  6. Express gratitude for the imminent manifestation of this idea and for the majesty, abundance and beauty of life.
  7. Surrender to the Universal Intelligence, G-d, the manifestation of the idea.
  8. Keep your attention focused subsequently on visible or kinesthetic signs of the idea manifesting; see through the appearances of any distortions to the contrary.
  9. Go about your day with a knowingness that our vision is manifesting more and more every moment.

Step 3. Share in the outreach of our vision. Click NEXT below if you would like to help reach out with our vision.

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