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If you have an affinity for infinity then we invite you to join us in our program outreach and growth. Outreach is simple: spread the vision and mission of via email, phone, fax or in person to your family, friends and associates. Just direct others to this web site and let them decide if they share our vision and want to join our Be it Now! Vision Holder's Network.

We do not coerce.

We do not judge.

We simply seek to ally with those whom we share a natural affinity and use the immense power of this synergy to draw positive, loving, fulfilling possibilities into our experience.

Below are two examples that you can use in emailing to your friends about . You can modify them as you see fit. Just highlight the text below, copy it, then paste it into a new message using your email program.

Example 1. This might be good as a signature byline in all your outgoing emails: Do you have an affinity for infinite possibilities? We need you! .

Example 2. I've recently joined a group of people from around the world who are actively involved in a personal, daily mediation that keeps us in tune with infinite possibilities like peace, abundance, wellness and creativity. I can see how this will help me and everyone else, and I think it's something you'll find interesting.

Please take a few moments and visit the web site: . Let me know what you think.

[Your Name]

We remain open and receptive to creative ideas and resources that allow us to reach as many people as possible, but we need your help.

If you can help us grow click NEXT below.

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