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"We are not separate
from spirit,
we are in it."



Lessons of the Soul
(Part 3 of 3)

Traditionally, soulic contact has been referred to by such phrases as "the inner voice", "the conscience" and influence from "the higher self". By any name it is the soul which is the true mastermind behind the life of any personality. This is so even though, (as is often the case) the ego overshadows soulic directives in daily affairs. Through the sheer repetition of personal and social images, and a desperate attachment to those ideas, the ego clings to the past. It does this because it is terrified by change, as change would mean dropping the arbitrary images it identifies with. The ego runs from change just as it runs from its own shadow. It seeks security from the world, but from its own inherent self-destructiveness it cannot hide. Self-destructiveness is a consequence of the spiritual poverty brought about through disconnection with soulic purpose. Ego is learned behavior and exists as a memorized pattern. Without memory there can be no ego. And contrary to what is popularly believed, mental clarity-health is not about learning new, memorized patterns. It is about dropping all memorized conditioning in favor of what composes the soul…Intent, Awareness and Energy. These three are all we need to live well, not the cultural patterns repeated through the generations and the mass media.

It would seem that the modern age is plagued by ego. Proving something personal to the world is even glorified in fact, regardless of the destructive consequences. The modern world invests a huge portion of its time and energy trying to "impress" rather than through a genuine cultivation of excellence. Personal choice must be played out through experience however, as this is how spiritual lessons are best remembered. There is no better nor graphic teacher, than the trials reaped through one's own decisions. Thus karma is the perfect, cosmic learning device. Ultimately through the course of many lives, the pattern of forming arbitrary attachments and emotional dependencies is finally dropped. Social values are purified to become those of universal purpose, while the long process of greater soulic self-mastery continues on.

It is often asked by many people why past life memories are not available to us, if in fact past lives are a reality. The answer to this question is quite simple. They are not available primarily because they usually serve no evolutionary purpose. In fact, the availability of detailed past life knowledge from the viewpoint of the soul, is seen as irrelevant. It would likely only result in an even further enlargement of the ego, (not only the one of the current life, but also those of past lives). Obsession with past events, material possessions and relationships would in most cases arise, serving only to confuse and distract the personality from its appropriate spiritual development. Ego persists predominately because of fearful attachment to things, ideas, images, places and memories. This is what makes it inflexible, defensive, unprogressive and even destructive. Again, ego is learned behavior that is formed to provide a defensive shield, rather than wisdom. It is built upon fear.

It is the nature of spirit to progressively transform, and ego, (as well as past life ego) resists this change. Thus from the wise viewpoint of the true self, there is no ultimate or even practical value for detailed, past life knowledge. More important than past events, whether these occurred 5 days ago or 5000 years hence, is of no true import. The actions taken today are those which determine further evolutionary growth, for each mind and soul. The past and its associated karma, can only be offset and uplifted through right action in the present moment. This makes the "eternal now" the prime staging place for all real spiritual change and mastery. Everything else we do is merely preparation for this opportunity.

It is very important then, to return ourselves to the natural human state, which is a purity of body and mind that has constant access to the soul. A few suggestions are next given, for the intentional strengthening of body-mind-soul rapport. In light of establishing this greater alignment, it should be remembered that the personality and the soul are not on equal terms, with the latter being accurately called "the higher self". One will find it useful to approach the soul with the humility of a child, seeking out an elder’s council. This attitude will bring about the most rapid spiritual gains, in alignment with that Self in Truth. Saying this however, is not to suggest that we drop our responsibility for keeping a clear, strong mind and body. It simply means that we are remaining pliant for soulic feedback.

Secondly, the seeker should recognize and be prepared for transformations of all kinds, in any requests for soulic aid-alignment. These can range from the painfully cathartic, (including physical symptoms that accompany the release of stress and toxic emotion-beliefs) to the rapturous experience of greater connection to the Divine. In most cases however, felt soulic influences will be subtle and cumulative. In the latter case the meditator is advised to employ patience. The brain and nervous system require some time to reconfigure themselves, (in all but rare persons and small children) so as to accommodate increasing soulic vibrations and Intent. These are of a markedly higher frequency and quality, than are most everyday thought processes. Although the mind may be willing to transform, the body still needs preparation to serve as an adequate conduit for spiritual change. The physical and psychic energy centers, (chakras) need a chance to reconfigure themselves. This reconfiguration of the body/mind by the soul, may require days, weeks, months or years in its firm establishment. In part, this depends upon how much purification of body and mind is necessary. Those who keep physically fit and who meditate, will find the process much easier.

Soulic rapport should be continually, (or at least very often) cultivated, in order to obtain rapid self-realization. A personal focus upon the expansion of consciousness implicitly accomplishes this. Three suggested means for increased soul-mind-body union are as follows:

1) The practice of meditation upon the feelings, awareness and intent throughout the body. [One recommended practice for this, is in the employment of the Chakra and Advanced Chakra Meditations, mentioned in other WMS materials. See The Perpetual Raising series for instance].

2) Persistent contemplation of, and openness to, the soul.

3) The employment of the "Soulic Rapport Meditation" below.

In the regular practice of the Chakra Meditation, the state of consciousness known as Awareness of Awareness is repeatedly generated. The act of entering this state regularly purifies the mind and nervous system, enhancing an Awareness-based state of being which more closely resembles that of the soul. Awareness and Intent-based mindstates are synchronous with the true self, because the true self is literally composed of these elements of consciousness. Awareness of Awareness also clears the mind of clutter, and therefore removes the obstructions created by thought and belief, for soulic attunement. The more the habit of holding continuous thought and ego-imagery in the mind is eroded by the effects of meditation, the more the light of the soul may shine through into daily affairs.

Contemplation of the soul is also a useful means in strengthening soulic alignment. Contemplate the soul by simply relaxing the mind, and allowing thoughts, pictures and feelings about it, flow through as they will. Many insights can be gained in this fashion. What we hold in the mind is what is attracted to us, and carried out. This may also be called the "law of attraction", in that mental currents are sent streaming forth from the mind, to the subject(s) of focus. From this psychic connection a two-way circuit is formed. Our inner world thus takes shape in the outer world, which is in then reflected to our inner world again, (aka karma). An increasing inner focus upon greater soul-mind union, will act to surround us with higher spiritual influences. These facilitate rapid personal growth.

A third major avenue for the increase of contact with the true self, involves the Soulic Rapport Meditation below. This practice involves an emphasis of focus upon the 7th chakra, and sometimes the 4th chakra. The 7th chakra, located at the crown of the head, is of the highest vibration of all the centers of the human energetic system. It is therefore the closest in resonance, (vibration/pitch of feeling) to that of the soul. The 7th chakra is thus the ideal contact for body-mind-soul connection. Inputs received there are fed directly into the higher brain centers, creating "intuitive flashes" of needed information, especially those related to spiritual progression. These "flashes" become more and more frequent as one aligns themselves on a conscious basis with the soul. Eventually they are made a permanent part of one’s moment to moment self experience, so long as a spiritual focus is held. Also fed through this conduit from the soul, are states of mind with high(er) vibrational levels, (and Intent) which are conducive to the expansion of consciousness. This meditation may be conducted in the following manner;


To begin the practice of meditation, it is recommended that a three step process be used, (initially). These steps are known as;

  1. Preparation
  2. Breathing focus and,
  3. The meditation itself.

To accomplish step one, simply find for yourself a quiet place that will not be disturbed. Sit comfortably with both feet on the floor, a straight though relaxed spine, and eyes closed.

Step two consists of a breathing exercise in which deep, relaxed breaths are taken in for a given duration, as follows;

A) Breathe in deeply and slowly for a period of about five seconds, until the lungs are completely filled.

B) Hold this breath for approximately five seconds more.

C) Exhale slowly, taking five seconds to do so, until the lungs are completely emptied,

D) After exhalation, wait another five second period before inhaling once again.

  1. Repeat steps A, B and C about ten times, or until you feel calmed and refreshed.

(Note; this step may be replaced by a body-wide awareness of feelings and energy, by the experienced meditator)


After step two, let the body breathe as it wants to. Relax. Step three is as follows;


1) Focus now upon the feelings and Awareness at the crown of the head, (seventh chakra). Note every detail of the feelings in this region, on the surface of the head and also within the brain. Let the mind rest upon this focus of feeling and Awareness in a relaxed way. Every time thoughts occur in the mind, simply return to an Awareness of the seventh chakra region. Perform this step of the meditation for about 5 minutes, or until the mind enters a state of Awareness of Awareness. Awareness of awareness is simply the act of turning ones’ awareness inward in self-observation. Such a meditative act promotes increasing clarity. This is done as an alternative to the usual mode of words, pictures or music constantly occupying the minds’ focus. This is a "focus on the focuser" to put it another way.

2) While in awareness of awareness, visualize a light, (violet or white is useful) or any image-light you wish to represent the soul. See this light or image descending from above the head, and entering the 7th chakra. Let the image fill the head completely with its illumination. Visualize also the entire body being filled with this same light/image, as it continues to stream into the head via the 7th chakra. Remember that this is a thoughtform representative of the soul. It is used with the Intent that soulic contact with the mind and body be strengthened. (experienced meditators may simply FEEL the influence of the soul permeating every cell of the body).

3) While visualizing the above, repeat the words, "enter in" over and over again, and/or simply Intend into place greater soul-mind union, (this is the more advanced practice. See the Perpetual Raising series for more details on the use of Intent). After some practice, one may simply re-enter awareness of awareness and "commune with your soul" at a moments’ notice. Practice this meditation as you feel the need or desire, with a recommended initial duration of 20-30 minutes total.

As contact with the soul increases on a conscious level, its advice in the form of the "conscience", (the voice of the soul in the mind) is made more apparent. The voice of the soul is often mistaken for simple intuition. Imparted through this connection will often be valuable information for right living. A clear, meditative mind is one that does not hinder the transmission of soulic messages, and is the best tool to cultivate for spiritual progress, for this reason alone. We can learn to listen to these inputs and employ them to increase our rate of personal evolution. This is an ability acquired through experience and a purity of (spiritual) Intent, the results of which exceed the scope of this text. Suffice it to say however, that all of the wisdom of the soul may in this way be eventually accessed, one that spans the course of an untold number of lifetimes. Insights gained in this manner often go well beyond the scope of current thought, and are "ahead of their time". The higher vibrational levels and wisdom of the soul, also make it a superior conduit for the channeling of Cosmically originating knowledge, (with which it is in contact). The personality that is in touch with the soul is therefore also in touch with the Cosmic Intelligence at large, (some call this "God") which has an unlimited capacity to catalyze growth and genius. In a sense, we are all "channels" for spiritual entities…our own true self.

After a time the brain, body and mind become increasingly acclimated to conscious alignment with the soul. This fact makes it easier to establish at any time. The experienced practitioner need only Intend increased soulic contact for it to be amplified to a significant degree. Much later still in the practice, the personality becomes completely absorbed into the Intent and purpose of the true self. We become purified of ego and able to function with the inherent, clear insight into Truth that is a property of the natural mind. This stage is representative of a very significant level of personal mastery for the practitioner. It has been referred to as "enlightenment" by certain spiritual systems. Arbitrariness within the ego is replaced with the clarity of Cosmic Truth, making the individual and collective purpose of life very apparent. Also made apparent, are the means by which both personal and collective social conditions may be fundamentally improved, for the benefit of all humanity. Spiritual ministry may then begin in full force, as an underlying focus for daily affairs.

It should be realized that a significant at-one-ment with the true self will be found, only when the mind becomes willing to accept the advice, inspiration and vibrational inputs of the soul. This is true particularly with respect to the actual carrying out of that advice, and the embodiment of those inputs in daily living. In this sense the phrase, "getting out of our own way" takes on spiritual meaning.


For the best results in personal practice, it is always the basic essentials of focus which must be returned to. These involve consciousness itself, as mentioned earlier. Those basics are found in the increasing masteries of Energy, Awareness and Intent, which are the very components of the soul, Nature and God alike. Greater personal facility in the employment of each of these, will allow the dynamic ability to spiritually advance. Their continued and progressive emphasis into more advanced levels of understanding, are therefore difficult to over-emphasize. The practitioner is well advised to keep ever in mind, the effect and scope of these three elements of consciousness in all aspects of daily life. It is useful to remember that there is no greater mastery than the wise employment of consciousness. To employ our consciousness with greater effectiveness in all endeavors, Intent, Awareness and Energy must be worked with progressively, preferably on a moment to moment basis. Through these focuses, the objectives of the soul in becoming a spiritual Master will be brought closer and closer to fruition. Our attention to personal Energy, Awareness and Intent, is a focus which enlivens the soul. It promotes true freedom. Through such a focus in life, the potentials for social, mental and spiritual achievement are made endless.

Matthew Webb visionquest@eoni.com

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