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by Matthew Webb -- 01/09/01
The World Mind Society

At this moment, many different meditational and prayer-centered  organizations around the world are using group focus to bring about  global change. Some meditate for peace and others pray for the  intercession of Divine forces. This is being done to place humanity once  again on an evolutionary course. Some groups meditate upon creating a  coherence of mind; others upon peacefulness and wisdom among our race.  Still others use a silence of mind to calm the modern chaos and  conflict. Regardless of the methods of various practices or the  credentials of their spiritual leaders, the essential point to realize  here is that humanity is awakening out of a 3,000-5,000 year slumber.  This collective sleep came upon us as we left natural ways and laws. It  has cast a shadow upon all the products of civilization. Only now is  there a significant dawning of the new Age of Empowerment which actually  reflects the most ancient of all cosmic knowledge at its foundation.

What is being realized is that there is a higher order in the universe  than that imposed by martial regulation. There exists a higher law than  the edicts of courts, judges, popes or presidents. This law is higher  because it is the very source for human existence as well as all of life  and existence itself. The highest law of all is structured by natural  and spiritual design. The greatest means for success in life is  therefore through natural and spiritual principles. Natural laws and  spiritual principles are in essence one in the same thing. They are both  ways of referring to the Cosmic Order we must all recognize or suffer  the consequences of wrong Intent (extinction). There are a great many  among us today who are realizing that what we need is a unity of  spiritual Intent. Our collective effort and focused group determination  is exactly what is required at this moment in history. Very soon, the  days of individual and competitive effort will end, one way or another.  In the future, they will be remembered as obsolete and even primitive.  True social progress will in the near future be defined as progressive  and mutual spirituality. Our unity of spiritual focus will render the  sweetest fruits that humanity has ever known in the form of  compassionate relations, dynamic community living, and the sharing of  resources. In greater enlightenment, people will directly perceive the  Brotherhood and Sisterhood of all humanity in all places upon the globe.  All of this will take place through one singular means in the elevation  of consciousness at a grass-roots level of society. Groups around the  world dedicated to the expansion of consciousness act as sparks igniting  the spiritual fire of global illumination.

Natural and spiritual laws tell us that the purpose of life is growth,  change and constant evolution. Humanity is still very much in the midst  of this evolutionary process. We are growing and becoming more than we  ever were (or at least this is the human potential and most fundamental  need). Our brain capacity and conscious potentials are such that we have  the option to choose the path of our own destiny. But this capacity for  free will comes with a price. It is ours to choose, yet we must choose  wisely or suffer mass destruction forged by our own hands. There is a  broad range of possibilities open to us but only within the parameters  of natural law. Outside of these parameters, we may not stray for long,  because the Universe has its own organized purpose. We may not defy this  purpose indefinitely. This means that free will is not the whole  equation of human mental capacity. We must be more than merely  intelligent. We must also be wise. Wisdom is none other than the   application of  truth in one’s life. The greater this application  becomes, the greater is the resulting wisdom. Wisdom tends to be the  by-product of natural living, since nature operates directly upon Truth.  In our free will, the acquisition of natural wisdom is necessary. We may  then make the choices which sustain all life and not just the benefit of  a few.

When we follow the natural design, the choices we make are evolutionary.  This means that our decisions result in the inner and outer growth of  the  human being. We are becoming conscious members of Cosmic  citizenship. When this happens, we become more than just the citizens of  nations or members of a given culture, religion or ideology. By adopting  natural and spiritual laws as our guiding system of living, it is then  that the whole universe becomes the place of human creation and  contribution.

Through the group mind principle of nature, we can take part in the  formation of a new world. Our collective intent is the basis for how our  society functions. When we  spiritually change this intent at a personal  level, we become Masters. When we change intent on a collective level,  our species will gain what may be called "world enlightenment." In this  world, the very concept of human limitation and self destruction will be   shattered. Today's miracles will become tomorrow’s everyday occurrences  by remaining true to what our own souls already know. In following the  ways of nature and consciously participating in the process of evolution  (rather than seeking to avoid it), the natural wisdom of the human  spirit will finally come into full bloom.

The purpose of global meditations, prayers and spiritual practices is to  improve both personal and world conditions. The outer condition of   international relations directly reflects the inner world of the  consciousness we hold. Fundamentally, we all work toward the creation of  a new world where complete empowerment of the people is the norm, rather  than alienation, pain and fear. As we engage a spiritual focus together,  we change our individual and collective consciousness to higher and  higher levels. Greater love,  clarity, awareness and Cosmic Purpose then  make themselves apparent. What will this new world look like when a  great shift in world consciousness occurs? At present, we are in the  midst of a period of transition and relative chaos. Turmoil is occurring   at all levels of global affairs. We have within our power as conscious  beings (and at this very moment) the ability to transform chaos into a  higher level of spiritual order. The new era thus created might well be  called The Age of Empowerment. Let us explore how this Age will look and  rally around its crystallization in cooperative effort. With this  crystallized vision of global empowerment in place, all that is then  needed is its cooperative implementation. This can be accomplished by  those of progressive intention.

By focusing upon the expansion of consciousness (that we are), we  facilitate the purposes of our own souls, the evolutionary process in  Nature, and Divine Will in the ascension of humanity. As each of us  expands our essential being and raises our level of spiritual intention,  we will cross a series of consciousness thresholds around the globe.

 These collective thresholds (of change) are in essence no different than  the changes an individual goes through as  they expand personal  consciousness. Some refer to such a major shift of global consciousness  through such  terms as "omega point" or "critical mass." A critical mass  shift of consciousness is comparable to the flashpoint of fire as  something flammable suddenly bursts into flame or when water comes to a  boil. In all of these cases, a threshold is crossed, after which many experiential changes are made evident. The difference between boiling  water and water which is calm is obvious, as is the difference between  the flashpoint of fire and mere smoldering. The same is true of various  thresholds of consciousness at the individual, group and global levels.  The many groups and individuals who are now arising in spiritual unity  across the globe are the smoldering of our collective will to ascend. We  need only to align this collective will cooperatively to make world  enlightenment a spiritual fire that is felt as a daily reality.

Ultimately, we all seek a major threshold (of change) in world  consciousness. The crossing of this threshold will be made evident to   all persons on this  planet simultaneously. Just as a roomful of people  can  come to simultaneous joy and realization together (this is  especially evident in group meditations or prayer/drumming circles), so,  too, can all of humanity wherever they are on the globe. So what happens after the shift of global consciousness? What will the  world look like in terms of social relations and international policy?  After such a shift, there will be obvious changes in the degree of  manifest love, clarity, energy and connection to nature among the  peoples of the world. In a more enlightened state of world  consciousness, the following social trends will be become increasingly  evident:

A. National boundaries will dissolve as they will be seen as unimportant   and artificial. People will identify instead with what is universal.  They will witness the commonality of consciousness inside themselves and  all others. In other words, they will identify with the consciousness or  God within as a first-hand experience. The peoples of the world will do  this rather than identifying with those learned distinctions of  nationality which are by comparison small, false and self limiting. We  are not the members of nations. We are members of the family of God. We  are not of states or territories. We are a part of Nature and the  natural design. Our true heritage is that of consciousness the  universal, not the artificially imposed ideology of "national pride"  which has nothing to do with the natural reality.

B. Cultural boundaries will dissolve as they will be seen as unimportant  and artificial. We are not members of cultures, because any one culture  is truly less than human souls in bodies. What is a culture other than a  set of beliefs made by men in accord with the limitations of time and  place? We are far greater than any one set of beliefs or lifestyles. We  are Divine beings of vast potential, of sophisticated genetic  background, spanning eons of time. We are the stuff of stars and the  product of the Cosmic principles of Creation itself. Humans are the very  creators of all cultures, and are therefore more than any one set of  ideals or beliefs. The human being is reflective of what is universal  just as is all of nature. Upon realizing this, our common root as  conscious beings will become the unified ground for world peace and true fulfillment.

C. Religious boundaries will dissolve as they will be seen as  unimportant and artificial. The universal truth which underlies all  religions surpasses the limitations of any one ideology. As we expand our consciousness, we realize that it is the Truth which any religion  attempts to convey which is important, not specific rituals, practices  or traditions. No one given place of worship is necessarily more holy  than any other. It is the entire Earth and the human being itself which  is Holy. We carry this holiness within, and to assign it arbitrarily to  one piece of land or temple is to create distinctions which do not truly  exist. It is to Truth alone which we will apply ourselves, regardless of  religious orientation. Using Truth as the primary guide in life, a  person achieves what is known as "Mastery" of self as a soul in  body. We are all souls in bodies as the product of Divinity/Natural  Intelligence. All human beings are composed of consciousness at a  fundamental level. For this reason, our goals are truly universal and  unified. We are therefore much more than any one approach. As it is  said, "all paths lead to God." In greater self realization, we see that  the paths which lead to God are not God Itself. A path is not  representative of the God we seek to know and commune with. Regardless  of the technique of meditation or prayer, is it not the same Universal  Consciousness (God) which is the subject of our spiritual focus? Upon  realizing this, religious disputes and wars will become a thing of  forgotten history. Jihads and holy conflicts will be made obsolete,  because in our expanded consciousness, the people of the world will  recognize that the holiest focus of all is found in the reverence of  life and its universal, spiritual purpose.

D. Political boundaries will dissolve as they will be seen as  unimportant and artificial. Political orientations are (ideally) only  specific approaches to the establishment of the general welfare. It is  not any one party or platform which is most important. It is our general  welfare in daily living which matters to the people of the world. As our  global consciousness shifts, we will no longer seek the special interest  benefit of a given political party alone. We will instead seek the  welfare of all people as cosmic equals in the formation of a more  perfect social union.

After the shifts of world consciousness occur, a different consensual  social order will make itself apparent:

1. Competitiveness for the sake of selfish benefit will be replaced by  the realization that we have much more to gain through cooperation and  harmony.

2. Love will replace fear as the standard assumption in social  encounters. There is no true reason for interactions to be otherwise. It  will be realized that what we create together, literally, determines the  fate of our collective destiny. Higher consciousness will demonstrate in  no uncertain terms that love is not an abstract theory of sentimental  value only. It is, in fact, a practical and spiritual state of being  that affords very real advantages for all who focus upon it together.

3. Clarity will replace confusion as the standard norm for modern  thought. It will be understood that truth is a universal constant, one  that is integral to God, Truth and Nature alike. It is also an inherent  part of our human reality by the same token. In realizing this, clarity  will take the place of confusion as the standard content for all sources  of public information (media). We will gain increasing insight into what  is real in Truth and what is only the illusion(s) of our own making. In  clarity, for instance, we will go beyond the belief that materialism is  the best standard for living. The public focus will then shift to what  is universal and away from the false assumptions of the marketplace and  money-as-happiness. In clarity, mutual intent will become apparent, and  there will be no place for deceptiveness, since inner motives will be  instantly recognized (both within and without).

* We will increasingly find that feelings of mutual strength replace  those of competitiveness and discord. In the new Age of Empowerment, we  will understand that there is far more to gain by strengthening each  other than through cut-throat destructiveness and selfish interest  alone. Cooperative living in a variety of forms will spontaneously arise  in the form of communities, communal households, shared resources and  mutual undertakings. Cooperation will be carried forward by individuals  who see that the collective good also profoundly contributes to their  own personal good.

* Efficient and natural living will take the place of "consumerism."  Nature will become the standard for social order and natural laws the  template for a truly satisfying standard of living. Sustainable and  natural methods of agriculture, self governance, social relations,  education, medicine and all other areas of collective effort will be  made self-sufficient. Governmental "authority" will be de-centralized  and replaced with the autonomy and self capability of the people. Grass  roots practical action and self motivation will replace the need for  "experts" (who supposedly know more about ourselves and our own welfare  than we do).


Increasingly, there are those who are appearing from the ranks of the  old-world order with a fresh vision of life. Individuals are  spontaneously arising (as well as those inspired by organized means)  with revolutionary yet ancient knowledge. These individuals are acting  as the guides for higher consciousness within the currently  materialistic world society. They are creating a world movement based  upon an embrace of universal spirituality instead of specific  governments, philosophies or religions. This world movement will  progressively recognize the deeper qualities of life and Truth for their   own inherent value.

The true identity of human beings as conscious souls in bodies, rather  than as citizens of countries, will become the standard "political"  position. The progressively inclined will increasingly crave and align  with natural ways and find this to be a very real source for spiritual  regeneration. In so doing, many will gain what will be regarded as  various mental and spiritual powers, including expanded perceptions,  psychic manifestations, enhanced intelligence and wisdom. These  important qualities will enable them to guide the new progressive trend  of humanity into an enlightened age. This new Age of Empowerment will be  marked by a knowing of God in Nature and a respect for right living as  demonstrated by spiritual, scientific and natural principles. All of  these areas will be viewed as one in the same study. Scientific  investigation will be based on  nature and Natural Law and thus be more  fully understood through the wise focus of spirituality. Scientific principles will be the means to the spiritual for many having been  motivated by the Cosmic impulse to understand. Spirituality will in turn  be more fully understood and embodied through enlightened science. The  Age of Empowerment will find progressive fruition through naturally  applied scientific tools and concepts, alongside spiritual  progressiveness.

The progressive elements of humanity will increasingly find ways of  living which maintain inner strength. To some degree, this group will  wait for the time when their voice and way of living may be more clearly  heard, at which point they will openly advocate progressive measures for  the further evolution of humanity. [That time is now!!!] Many will band  together, especially in natural areas, forming communities of like mind.  Some of these exist successfully at present, even in large cities.  Spiritual practices of all kinds for the improvement of the body, mind  and spirit will flourish among them. The widespread use of herbs,   natural foods and alternative technologies will sustain those who are  naturally oriented. Those who observe natural laws have the support of  Earth consciousness in general.

Then there will occur a phenomena of consciousness that is often not  easily attained by any planet or any other life supporting body. Human  consciousness will reach a planetary threshold whereby the constituent  minds of the world will collectively and simultaneously shift. This is a  process that resembles the flashpoint of fire suddenly crossed. This  flashpoint is usually catalyzed by one or more among an intelligent race  (typically at various points around a world) whose personal  consciousness reaches an elevated stage. When this happens, High Intent  is radiated outward as a powerful and progressive force of a very high  vibration. Such  spiritual Intent is the result of dedicated Spiritual  focus. It comes about through an alignment with the Will of God/Nature  and the subsequent channeling of Divine Intent into the environment for  the benefit of all. The spiritual spark thus created by advanced souls  ignites the realization of a great many more, elevating their  consciousness resonantly.

Evolutionary emanations travel outward from spiritual groups and Masters  like the waves caused when stones are thrown into a pond. This "pond" is  the World Mind, also known as "the collective unconscious" of global  human society. To make a global "flashpoint shift" more probable, there  must exist a minimum number of truly spiritual persons who have attained  significant self realization. This self realization allows them to be  receptive to the emanations of consciousness pioneering groups and  individuals. Because of their receptivity (and also because of the very  compelling nature of the high vibration/Intent sent forth), the people  first affected will then embody this Intent themselves. Many people will  feel compelled to spontaneously enter states of love, clarity and  realization, though many may not realize why this is so. This will  amplify and expand the original impulse sent by the minority who  understand. Larger and larger portions of the population will resonate  with and radiate high vibrations and Intent (love and spiritual  motivation). The flashpoint phenomena will continue to expand over the  entire population of the world in ever-widening circles of influence. In  a very short time, the World Mind will be transformed and elevated in  its  level of consciousness after a certain critical mass or percentage  of the population is converted to high(er) Intentions. The raising of  world consciousness may therefore be catalyzed by those who understand  the principles of natural law which can accomplish such an act.

A shift in the Planetary Mind of this type will be strongly felt by  every living being. It will similarly elevate all planetary matter in  the form of psychically emanated love and clarity. A flashpoint  phenomena such as this will also result in off-world effects. These will extend themselves outward into space like a radiating light. The Earth  will become a literal spiritual source, a psychic sun of high vibration  and Intent, shining brightly on subtle realms. Such a planetary event  would be a primary culmination of Earth consciousness (and human  consciousness) in Self Realization. This is the ultimate aim of all  group minds in the universe in Unity. It is the primary fulfillment for  human existence and for the whole process of evolution. May our  intentions be joined together to cooperatively bring greater world enlightenment into fruition . . . 


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