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Affinity Check

Please gauge your affinity with our vision and mission by carefully answering the following five questions:

1. Does reading our vision and mission statements stir in you a deep knowing that these infinite possibilities are our collective heritage as spiritual-biological beings?

Yes           No

2. Do you know that you can actively participate in the conscious co-creation of your experience as well as the collective experience?

Yes           No

3. Are you willing, with increasing success over time, to hold your mental and emotional focus steadfastly on a vision of a desirable present reality, aligned with our vision, in spite of challenging appearances to the contrary?

Yes           No

4. Will you commit to affirming the divinity in all life, in all circumstances and in every moment , with increasing success over time, and act from that awareness, regardless of what distortions present themselves to your senses?

Yes           No

5. Will you commit to living now , to the best of your ability, as you would in a reality that has already manifested our divine potential?

Yes           No

If you answered YES to every question above, we invite you to join our free network of conscious co-creators.

Your primary involvement is the receiving and energizing of a powerful idea that will be delivered to you via email. These ideas will be used as the focus of a brief meditation/prayer, what we call Concordance, every day shared in the minds and hearts of millions of conscious co-creators around the world.

We invite you to view our Principles of Action with which we implement our mission.

You have completed the Affinity Tour. Will you agree to holding an idea in your heart and mind that relates to manifesting our vision? If so, click Next below.

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If you answered "no" to any of the questions above, please click here .

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