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"We are not separate
from spirit,
we are in it."


The Inevitability of Abundance
by Flesymi

The Inevitability of Abundance

Holding your breath to catch it.
Painting a rose red.
Washing the rain from your window with water.
Achieving abundance.

Abundance is not a thing to do or something to achieve or even a way to be. Abundance is an attribute of the infinite, ubiquitous Presence that fills the universe. This Presence is what we experience as personal being, "I," yet is also the impersonal law that is self-regulating, infinitely self-similar, and innately harmonious across all levels of being within the universe. Therefore, we only know abundance by identity, and most commonly learn about our identity by making choices that obscure our true nature, so that we may know its fullness by contrast.

That abundance is a natural condition in the universe can be grasped by understanding the true meaning of infinity, especially as it relates to the Creative Force and its abundant nature. You cannot confine infinity to a measurement, nor can you add to it or divide it up into pieces: multiply infinity by two or cut it in half and you still have infinity. Abundance simply means a more than sufficient accumulation of things; therefore, the Infinite, Creative Force of the universe clearly is more than sufficient for any condition imaginable.

We easily observe Creative Force’s overflowing abundance by looking at nature and its obvious favoritism toward novelty. In all of creation, no two snowflakes are ever alike; similarly, no two leaves that have ever fallen or will ever fall are exactly alike, and clearly no two humans are exactly the same. Only an infinite Creative Force would be capable of expressing utterly new dynamics every moment of "time " without repeating Itself. Since this Force is the Original Cause, and is infinite by nature, all Its manifestations, including our perceived realities, must exist within, and be embedded by, the substance of Its quintessential, infinite nature. Therefore, the challenge is not to demonstrate abundance but to recognize that abundance is a natural condition in the universe and is already present .

It should be self-evident that material demonstration can only follow the consciousness that animates it.

This implicates a change in consciousness as a necessary precursor to action as the practical mechanism that allows us to experience abundance…in other words, a change in perspective.

While this appears simple on the surface, we, as a collective, seem to be considerably troubled by it. Why is this? Could it be that the contrast we are experiencing, i.e., lack of abundance individually and collectively, is witness to our fundamental consciousness that believes it is separate from its infinite essence; that lack of abundance is not the epidemic, but lack of conscious awareness that the very nature of our environment and ourselves is not just abundant but opulent on all levels? If this is true, then every effort to achieve abundance, no matter how massive or noble, insidiously recreates further lack.

The mechanism for this human-poverty-feedback-loop is simple: the only reason someone would undertake an effort to achieve abundance is because they lack the awareness of it being already present. Therefore, their ostensible intent of "creating abundance" is actually an affirmation of lack of abundance, otherwise there would be no effort to create it. Then, based on the mental science principle, what you focus upon expands, the perception of lack perpetuates itself, energized by the mental and emotional force of misdirected human energy. Now the person experiences further "evidence" of lack, tries even harder to create abundance, and further solidifies the consciousness of lack...the worse it gets, the worse it gets! And this perception of lack seems to be regardless of the accumulation of material wealth.

The only way out of this perceptually distorted feedback loop is to become a visionary. Not just any kind of visionary. We want to become a visionary who participates actively in realizing the vision...not just seeing something far off into the future.

A visionary is someone who simply lives on principle and is capable of seeing the true nature of things, in spite of appearances. The principles a visionary lives by are connected to the attributes of the Universal Creative Force as taught by virtually all esoteric sciences, religions and traditions: love, harmony, power, wisdom, beauty, abundance, compassion, joy, creativity, intelligence and light.

When living by principal, faith becomes simply a matter of suspending disbelief in the ever-present qualities that infuse and surround us. Thus, it is not about having "faith" in these principles - how can you have faith in something you are? - rather, it is about NOT disbelieving that they are aspects of your own identity. In this sense, faith is simply a suspension of disbelief.

Therefore, realizing these Divine attributes require no effort, only a return to a conscious awareness of the indwelling Spirit whose marrow are these universal principles and the source of our very being. Living by principle is how we attune to the ever-present abundance that is our birthright.

Being a visionary in the practical aspects of worldly life is about learning to hold your mental and emotional vibrations in the place that matches your deep desire or vision, against the backdrop of your own true identity, i.e., Universal Principles. Do this instead of having your attention on the endless play of "good" and "bad" of outer events. Four steps you might take to be a visionary are:

1. Using your intuition, tap into a vision for your life that matches your deepest desires, ideally in the context of something larger than yourself. This is not something you do once a year or even once a day. Ultimately you must learn to tap into this higher vision on a moment by moment basis.

2. Align your personal energy with the "feeling" of that fully manifested vision as a present reality, not a future one.

3. Constantly realign yourself to this feeling if you let circumstances or appearances knock you off balance.

4. Joyously experience the circumstances of your life align with this new vibration over the course of time. This joyous experiencing is not always passive; most of the time it is the closest you actually come to true productive action. This is because it is aligned with a higher ideal than who you are now. This is how you grow into who you have the potential to become. And the "time" it takes for this vision to materially manifest is merely the relationship you perceive between your present self and your other present self, which you will experience in a "future" now. Thus, you transcend "time" by perceiving it as a dynamic interplay of relationships between yourself and your greater Self rather than as a fundamental reality.

For the human species to experience abundance collectively it will require nothing short of a quantum shift in human consciousness - an epoch shift in human evolution. The appearances give the picture of a current world in dire straits: a shaky global economy, starvation, violence, inequity of wealth, foreclosures, and bankruptcies, on and on, ad infinitum. Yet these dramas are overlaid on a reality that is opulent to its core.We must all experience an ultimate paradigm shift - a shift in human consciousness - and that shift is simply a conscious and constant recognition of our indelible connection to an infinitely creative Source, and our divine capacities to co-create with that Source.

The notion that our perceived realities can overlay other realities that manifest higher potentials of our Divine Source has been called our collective illusion. But calling life an illusion can be rather demeaning to someone rutted in poverty consciousness, facing health challenges or fearfully struggling in an apparently violent and lonely world. The use of "illusion" referred to here does not imply that our lives are not real, only that they are not what they appear to be. The illusion that we experience in our limited realities is similar to being frightened in the dark by seeing a snake at our feet as we walk along a mountain path. We jump in fear, our hearts race, adrenaline pumps, we act compulsively and instinctively to avoid the very real danger of a venomous attack. After we are a safe distance away, we shine our flashlight on the demon only to find that it was a harmless little stick that we thought was a snake. In that instant our "reality" changes with absolutely no change in the outer world. All of the sudden we are safe when a moment before we were facing certain death.

This is the type of illusion that keeps us from our abundance and from evolving to progressively higher manifestations of the Divine spark: the snake is our perceived reality and the stick represents the Divine Reality that is always present and eternally waiting to be revealed. What is important to understand is that our perceived reality - the illusion - is actually superimposed on the Divine Reality, like the snake is superimposed on the stick...in our minds!

The current collective thought form about lack, separation and fear has its own momentum that creates a palpable tug at those who do see an abundant, harmonious and consciously co-created living planetary sphere as a present reality. What is needed to dispel the illusion and foster this evolutionary shift in humankind is an orchestrated effort IN CONSCIOUSNESS. This global song is sung by those who recognize that they have the divine capacity for holding the vision for humankind from within the illusion . This orchestrated effort should be impeccable in its design and implementation, be based on constant access to higher wisdom and be tenacious in honoring Universal Principles. These individuals will be naturally attracted to the purpose and will grow efficiently in number to stimulate the critical mass shift required for the species to be changed "in the blink of an eye." This is the work of InfinityAffinity.org.

Abundance in this evolved state is no longer a sought after goal related to material wealth. Once we collectively stop seeking these lower fulfillments - release the immature notions of ownership, avarice and violence - we can begin to fulfill the promise of the ages: heaven on earth . At this new stage, we naturally manifest realities more in alignment with the Universal Creative Force and we experience wealth in ALL areas of human concern.

We will enjoy an abundance of time, a necessary first step for a species that recognizes its eternal nature. When this happens, "time" will no longer be experienced as a concrete reality limiting us, but rather as a medium through which we will explore our multidimensional cosmos.

Of course we will also revel in a sense of universal unity as we let go of the illusion of separateness and become conscious witnesses to the Spirit of Life in Its rich diversity manifested in all creation.

Naturally we will then become aware of the abundance of nurturing and love in which we have been bathed since Life first danced through us.

All else will be concurrently activated within and outside us in materially manifested and abundant ways: harmony, power, beauty, wisdom, intelligence, creativity, joy and compassion. When we intentionally choose, as a species, to align our wills with that of the Divine impulse seeking expression through us, all creature comforts will be abundantly provided. Simultaneously technology will mature and quicken in service of the planet, its life and exploration into other realms.

Finally, each person will be nurtured from birth to draw out his or her Divine uniqueness and special gifts that the rest of the universe simply can not do without.

In short, we won't experience true abundance in any area of our lives until we align with ALL the qualities that lie back of all form and function. This experience of true abundance and is where we will observe 100% material wealth distributed in divinely inspired ways.

Yet, if the preceding is true, it should be able to be stated in much simpler terms: As previously stated, abundance defined is simply "a more than sufficient accumulation of things." If we can remember that we are individual expressions of a Divine Presence, in which its essence is  infinite simplicity (simplicity and infinite diversity within a unity), then the complexity of our lives implies that we have a more than sufficient accumulations of "things" and, hence, WE ARE ALREADY ABUNDANT. The slight shift in perspective that allows one to experience this resolves the paradox of placing abundance into the imaginary land of the "future" where this kind of wealth is only something to be sought but never realized.

Now we stop trying to hold our breath in order to catch it; we breathe Life with every conscious breath.

Now we stop trying to paint a red rose red; we savor its aroma; we become its beauty; we nurture its essence.

Now we stop trying to wash water with wetness; we purify ourselves and become worthy vessels for Divine inspiration.

And now we stop trying to achieve abundance; we simply express undying gratitude every moment for the opulence the Creator has bestowed upon us.


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