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Principles of Action

Action is how we enjoy experience when we consciously co-create according to principle. Here are the principles by which InfinityAffinity.org abides in the enjoyment and implementation of its vision:

1. A humble recognition that the act of manifestation is the making expressed and visible that which is implied by Divine Nature.

2. We are Divine by nature. By this we mean that our essence is derived from a Source that is supremely good and harmonious within Itself, even if we, in our limited human capacity to perceive the Infinite, gaze only upon fragments of this supreme good, and fail to percieve the whole. When we refer to this Divinity in this web site, we hope you can remove religious connotations, and enter the spirit of the word. Throughout this web site we also use the annotated word, "G-d" to denote that no word can adequately describe the infinitude of Creative Being.

3. Our Divine nature is represented by the words we use to describe the qualities of a loving, ubiquitous, omniscient, omnipotent and infinite Presence that reveals Itself to us as personal being, our individual sense of "I Am ," and impersonal law...the operating laws of this particular time-space nexus. The words in any language, religion or culture that attempt to describe this nature are love, harmony, peace, abundance, compassion, creativity, wisdom, intelligence, power, patience and light.

4. Religions, belief systems, cultural traditions and the sciences that genuinely seek to know Truth are all seeking the same thing regardless of the cultural, historical, linguistic or allegorical context of their stated beliefs. This common ground is what we affirm in relationships and in carrying out our objectives.

5. We know Divine Being by knowing the Divine Nature in all things (including ourselves); thus, we live by identity and relationship rather than by old programs, forgotten conclusions and unconscious reactions to the report of our physical senses.

6. Our first movement in heart and mind is toward a recognition of Divine Being in every material thing, being and circumstance, and thus, a constant recognition of the unity behind all creation. It is from this awareness that we act, regardless of how subsequent actions may apprear to others.

7. Our only reaction to the appearances of the material world is instantaneous recognition of the Divine Being in the object of our attention, which pleads for a love-response rather than a fear-response. In other words, our first reaction is "Only Love Prevails ."

8. We seek to understand and abide by universal law over human law. We seek the secret of Divine Law in matter and spirit and integrate the two: first in our physical bodies in the demonstration of perfect wholeness and wellness; then through the extension of that perfection in the circumstances of our lives and throughout the world.

9. We are responsible with our thoughts and emotions and commit to mastery over lower desires in favor of fulfilling higher ones. We replace randomness of thought and feeling with the conscious directing of our life force toward manifesting higher, more joyous expressions of the Infinite’s possibilities.

10. While actively living in the world, we release our fixation on the material world and experience "reality" as a dynamic relationship of the lower self to the Higher Self. Thus, we transcend the previous shackles of a limited reality and open the door to higher dimensions of Being, ever- present and concurrent with our own.


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