Do you have an affinity for infinity?

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Our Mission is a fully independent, non-profit, nonsectarian organization, not affiliated in any way with religious or political groups. Our mission is to consciously manifest a new group mind and emotional body for Planet Earth that harmonizes with higher possibilities of the human potential. This is a world of inner and outer peace, wholeness, abundance, respect, creativity, unity, love, adventure and joy; these qualities displacing strife, disease, fear, avarice, separatism and violence.

W e are finding those with whom we have an affinity and are orchestrating this collective energy through our Be it Now! Vision Holder's Network . We express our mission with definiteness of purpose, purity of intent and the impeccable honoring of universal principles.

W e are now causing the collective human energy field to coalesce into a coherent, more powerful, more wholesome mental-emotional background through which all harmonious action will easily flow.

W e focus our collective attention on all areas of human endeavor: wholesome living, peace, science, technology, health, business, social innovation, exploration, abundance, economics, culture, education, governance, spirituality, religion and the environment.

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