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Ways To Remember Our Weekly Convergence

As you prepare to join our Be it NOW! Vision Holder's Network everyday, think of what you are doing as converging in heart and mind with those in whom our vision is shared. You will find that your personal benefit greatly outweighs the nominal effort required to create a new mental-emotional habit for yourself. If realizing this vision is important to you, the investment in energy required to make this convergence a daily habit will be quite easy. As our network grows, and as you become more aware of its effects in and around you, these few minutes spent throughout your day will be quite nurturing and fulfilling for everyone involved.

It is important that the energy you apply to this endeavor be clear and pure; therefore, there is no need to stress about not remembering sometimes. If you join us once a week for two minutes it will still be better than not joining us at all. And along these same lines, we encourage you to join us as many moments throughout your day as you can...even a few seconds here or there...a thousand times a day! You will be amazed at the power of our vision to positively influence your life, and even more "wowed" at the means by which this power is amplified through the coherence of our Be it NOW! Vision Holder's Network .

Here are some ideas to help you remember this important moment-by-moment convergence. If you have other ideas that work for you, please let us know .

1. Set your a desk clock, computer, PDA or wrist watch to sound an alarm at the top of every hour.

2. Ask a friend or coworker to remind you as you offer to do the same; this doubles your chances of remembering.

3. Use your contact manager, like Act! or Outlook, to remind you at various intervals throughout your day. You can even insert the weekly idea into the reminder notice.

4. Place post-it notes at obvious places that you have to look at during the course of your daily activities. Be sure to move them around otherwise you'll get used to seeing them in the same place and they won't be so noticeable after a while.

5. Print out multiple copies of the weekly idea, trim them down around the text, and paste these around similarly as you did in suggestion 4.

6. Make a mental note that every time the phone or doorbell rings, your first response is to reaffirm the idea of our weekly convergence.

Be creative. Use this opportunity to understand how your mind develops habits so that you can more easily introduce new, healthy ones and discard ones that no longer serve you.  


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