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Join Us!

Please join our Be it Now! Vision Holder's Network. It is simple, easy and free. We need you!

Upon joining our network, you will receive at no charge a weekly email that states an idea for collective energizing toward our vision. This will take the form of a brief, daily meditation-prayer, called our "Weekly Convergence," and experienced routinely throughout the day, and shared by many others around the world. You will know throughout your day that a growing number of others are sharing the very same positive, energetic and wholesome thoughts and feelings as you are...all toward energizing a more substantive experience of these things in our collective reality.

So please join us. You can unsubscribe at anytime, with instructions given in each weekly email. But instead we hope you will tell all your friends...friends with whom you think we might have an affinity!

Your privacy is secure with us; your email address will not be given to anyone without your permission.


We are currently revising the InfinityAffinity Be it Now! Vision Holder's Network email list. Please visit to sign up.

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