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A Month of Grace...Now!

Good day,

I enjoyed opening to the Grace Light last night at the Grace Cathedral in
San Francisco with about 1000 others. We received, we gave, we played in
joy, unlimited intelligence, purity and unconditional love. Siva Baba guided
the Grace Light opening process that I hope you shared with us around the
world. But if you missed it, there are more opportunities. Read on.

Meanwhile, Arthur Collins of the World Oneness Center, responded to my last
email for support of my trip to Guatemala. If you recall, Don Alejandro
Oxlaj, Grand Elder of the Mayans, will be inaugurated in the newly formed
position as Ambassador to the Indigenous Pueblos of Guatemala. This is the
beginning stages of a worldwide function representing indigenous peoples
worldwide, which is Don Alejandro's mission as the Elder who will guide us
in the next cycle of the Mayan calendar.

Arthur generously offered, and we have set up, an 11 Day Tibetan Puja and
Proxy Program to help raise money to send Linda Hogan and me to Guatemala
for the inauguration and to present gifts from the Tibetans to Don
Alejandro. We will also be seeking to invite HH Dali Lama to be invited on
the Continental Council of Elders and Spiritual Guides of the Americas, in
which Don Alejandro is Grand Elder. This is truly an historic time and we
ask for your support. You can read more about our plans in Guatemala and
join in the 11 Day Tibetan Puja and Proxy Program by going here:

You can also make donations of financial support directly to CommonPassion
at on the "Please Donate" page:

It turns out that there are numerous "Opening to Grace" programs occurring
simultaneously over the next month or so:

- Siva Baba's Grace Light

- Second Global Jothi, the Radiant Light of Grace transmission.

- And of course, continuing programs through The Oneness Center in India and
our 11 Day Tibetan Puja and Proxy Program.

You can learn more about each of these on the CommonPassion site:

There are many thoughts and opinions about giving, receiving and
"transmitting" grace. Grace is an undeserved divine gift, meaning its source
is Divine, and we are all Divine. So we are all receivers, givers and
transmitters of Grace in our own way. In my humble view, the real value of
these programs over the next month is the OPENING part; the part where we
consciously, intentionally open to receive. Let us play together in Grace
every moment of every day over the next month (and beyond). Let us
consciously, intentionally receive and be an open channel for Grace to be in
our lives and in the World.

And continue helping us spread the New Vibe!

All my best,Joseph R. Giove
Executive Director
925 215-4017

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