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June 2-26 Global Activities

Good day Vibe Tribe,

I just returned from two weeks in Guatemala with Mayan Elder Don Alejandro
Oxlaj, his wife Elizabeth, and 16 of the most amazing sacred journeyers. I
am reminded that, in spite of the mundane and profane aspects of modern
living, life itself is a sacred journey.

Here is how you can share in that sacredness this month, wherever you are:

1. Monday, June 2 at 5 to 6:30 PM PDT, my monthly Utopia Internet Radio
show: "Intopia, the Utopia Within". You can access it live and archived via
the Web here: Click on the English Language flag, then click on the
megaphone icon to hear the live broadcast.

On Monday, June 2nd, I will interview bestselling author GW Hardin, (The
Masters Return, On the Wings of Heaven, Indigo Rising). GW is the global
coordinator of the Global Eden Event taking place June 17-22, 2008
( Many visitations from the angelic realm have
instructed us how to initiate the Golden Age of Peace using sacred geometry
and collective intention. Many groups are forming around the world to
participate in this historic event. You can learn how to form a local group
by listening to this show.

2. June 17-22, The Gathering of One, The Global Eden, in West Yellowstone
(only 30 of 444 positions remain! register quickly if you want to be there),
while simultaneous events occur around the world, using sacred geometry and
collective intention. If you are seeking to move yourself to the next level
of evolution, you will want to participate in this remarkable program:

3. Thursday June 26, Another Jerusalem City Hug. We will be joining hands in
Jerusalem and around the world in spirit to surround and embrace the old
city of Jerusalem:

More details on the above to come. Please be sure to enter them in your
calendar now.

See/feel you in the Vibe!

All my best,
Joseph R. Giove

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