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Countdown to the Sacred Geometry Activation: The Gathering of One, Global Eden June 21, 2008

Good day Vibe Tribe,

You can help make this historic event happen: Please forward this
announcement immediately to anyone you know who shares an affinity for the
infinite possibilities of the human spirit. Thank you!

This program involves collaboration between humans and light beings from the
angelic realms, indigenous elders, heart-centered physicists and sacred
geometries, all amplifying the power of our individual and collective

The Gathering of One: Global Eden Event. June 17-21, 2008, culminating in a
massive sacred global geometry intention-meditation-prayer:

DATE: Saturday, June 21st 2008
TIME: 6:22 p.m. to 7:33 p.m. Pacific Time
      9:22 p.m. to 10:33 p.m. Eastern Time
      2:22 to 3:33 GMT on June 22nd

The Global Eden Meditation & Grand Formation in West Yellowstone will occur

We currently have about 420 people registered in West Yellowstone, and
filling fast! If you want to go, NOW is the time. 

Global particiation is currently estimated to be in the tens of thousands,
with 150 groups, with at least one on every continent except Antartica. Do
you know anyone there? Please invite them!

THE GLOBAL MEDITATION DOWNLOAD: You can listen to or download as an MP3 file
the Global Meditation that will be used:

PLEASE WATCH THIS NOW, then pass it on:

THE WORLD INTENT for this Global Meditation and the Grand Formation is: 

"Through the Divine Light in me, 
I call forth and am grateful for the Sacred Union 
of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within;
in oneness with Creation, we sow the seeds of Peace"

Our angelic collaborators have suggested that we move 444 people into the
Grand Formation in West Yellowstone (
Additionally, that 144,000 people around the world also participate
individually or in groups wherever they are, to expand and amplify these
vibrations of peace around the world. This global participation is
essential, passing on the "signal" like cell phone towers. Each individual
connecting to, and participating in this, along with standing in the sacred
geometric formations, exponentially increases the energies involved.

AUDIO INSTRUCTIONS AND GLOBAL MEDITATION. Listen to and download the global
meditation, and hear interviews with the program organizers about the
background, sacred geometry, logistics and more:

LOCATIONS NEAR YOU. Check this link to see how many people and locations
have already signed up to participate globally; you may find one near you:

HOW TO PARTICIAPTE. Here is where to sign up to participate, or facilitate a
group in your area. Please be sure to register your group so we know how
many people are particaipating and so others in your area can contact you to
join in:
SACRED GEOMETRIES. Here are the Sacred Geometries that are being used around
the world in local groups and how to set them up:

DISCUSSION FORUM ON LOCAL LOGISTICS. This link takes you to forum on Common
Passion site specific for posting info on local events, or for questions, or
sharing info and experiences before and after the events. It's easy to use
and participate in this free forum. Just log in on home page, then you can
post replies or new topics of other locations so people in your area can
find you and Gather together in Oneness:
STAY UPDATED. Keep checking back on main website
as more information is being added for both individual and group
participation. Simple instructions for setting up the Formations are now
Please help us sow the seeds of peace...the world is ready.

See/feel you in the New Vibe!

All my best,
Joseph R. Giove

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