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Immediate attention requested: Breakthrough Concordance, TeleConcordance Wednesday morning

Good day Vibe Tribe,

So sorry for getting this out so late: this Wednesday morning at 6 AM PDT (9
AM EDT), I will be guiding a TeleConcordance that is an extension of the
Breakthrough Celebration. 

DATE: Wednesday, May 14, 2008

TIME: 6:00 a.m. to 6:20 a.m. Pacific time; 9 a.m. to 9:20 a.m. Eastern time

NUMBER TO CALL: (616) 712-8000

ACCESS CODE: 545195#

Recording after the call, dial: (641) 715-3429, access code 545195# (until
the end of May)

If you recall, last year at this time we celebrated the Divine Feminine in
our global "Breakthrough Celebration: Compassion to Action" program:

This was based on the Midpoint of the Fifth Day, according to the guidance
of Mayan Elders and Dr. Carl Calleman:

Over 700,000 people from 51 countries celebrated over a two week period to
help foster the return of the balanced Feminine and Masculine. While this
may not be apparent in the world by watching the evening news, I am sure
many of you feel it, and honor it every day. As we continue to co-create a
world of social and environmental harmony, let us share again over the next
two weeks, each moment in heart and mind together, our indelible oneness by
affirming, praying and meditating on this:


I am whole this moment. Every cell in my body is infused with, and animated
by, the creative force in the universe that creates and animates all life.
It creates and sustains planets and their galaxies, great cultures and
colonies of ants; if it can do these things, it can surely satisfy my needs.
*Now* I rest in the knowledge that all is well in my world. Peace,
abundance, joy, balance, wellness and fulfillment are natural conditions in
the unfoldment of my life, because these are features of the Life that
animates my own. 

I stay focused on these principles and move through life with wisdom and a
peace that passes understanding.


I will guide a meditation on the Teleconference in the morning, but you can
listen to it at any time over the next two weeks by dialing in to the

I'll be leaving Wednesday evening for the ancient land of the Maya for a two
week sacred journey with Don Alejandro Oxlaj, head of the Mayan Council of
Elders, and 15 most amazing fellow journeyers! So we will be energizing
these Fifth Night movements from there:

Please help us spread the New Vibe!

All my best,
Joseph Giove

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