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Good day Vibe Tribe,

Some very interesting items for you:

1. This Sunday I am guiding a monthly, live video global
meditation. It is at 10 AM PDT and you can join in by going to:

And following the instructions to view the show. If the technology gods are
favoring us, I will have some sacred geometry animation to help guide us in
the meditation. You'll be able to see me, and provide your intentions via a
live chat to share with our group.

Just in case the technology doesn't work, be sure to see below my signature
for a video message from the producers of the Gathering of One, Global Eden
Event. It's a short, beautifully inspiring video message that you can help
expose to the world. Yet another way to help spread the New Vibe!

2. This coming Tuesday, April 8th at 6 PM PDT we are honored to have Dr.
Rollin McCraty, Director of Research and Development for
The Institute of HeartMath is a recognized global leader in researching the
critical link among emotions, heart-brain communication and cognitive
function. They are also building a Global Coherence Monitoring System to
help shift global consciousness from instability and chaos to balance and
cooperation by increasing the potency of people's positive heart-directed

DATE: April 8, 2008
TIME: 6:00 to 7:00 PM PDT
NUMBER TO CALL: 616-712-8000
ACCESS CODE: 545195#

Lines Open 10 minutes before the hour.

Dr McCraty has been at the forefront of heart-brain research for 20 years.
This is sure to be an intriguing call.

3. I am running a half marathon for peace (13.1 miles). The run is May 3,
exactly 30 days from today. It's a run through a giant Redwood Grove in
Northern California, called "The Avenue of the Giants":

I am looking for your help in sponsoring me on this run. You can sponsor me
per mile, including my training miles (about 25-30 miles a week), or for the
entire 13.1 mile run. If you want to join me in this run for peace, with all
proceeds going to (a California non-profit), please email
MJ Holt at and she'll get you the sponsor form and more
details. Thank you!

Please, help us spread the New Vibe!

All my best,
Joseph Giove



Sow the seeds of Peace ... the world is ready.

Watch this video and become a part of the MIRACLE!

And then pass it on.

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