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Vernal Equinox Concordance + Tibet Concordance


DATE: Thursday March 20, 2008
TIME: 6 PM PDT, 9 PM EDT (one hour)


1+616-883-8300, access code 590-208-504#

Alternate # if the above full: 1+616-883-8400, access code 414-087-751#

NOTE: First number callers will be able to be heard; alternative number is
listen only.

Line opens 10 minutes before the hour

Hello Vibe Tribe,

Our monthly Teleconference will bring a springtime in all our lives,
dedicated to our brothers and sisters in Tibet. Elizabeth Tobin, Arthur
Collins, a Rinpoche and I will host the call, discuss our potency for
positive change and guide processes to lead us all into a higher state of
compassion, understanding, wisdom and wholesome communication as we open to
higher-broader ways of living and being.

Even though complex political entanglements exist in Tibet, our purpose is
to lend our strength and passion to that which we manifest, first in
ourselves, then in the world around us. 

If you cannot join the call, please join us in heart and mind with the
following shared intention agreement, which we will empower continuously
through March 31st:

I AM the calming presence of unity and stability, compassion and love. In
gratitude to the Oneness of all nations I AM the presence of peace that
upholds the highest benefit of all concerned in China and Tibet. I AM the
radiant beams of dignity shining forth to light the Middle Way. My inner
presence brings joy and well-being to all.
I hope to hear and feel you on our call.

All my best,
Joseph Giove

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