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Recording of Dr. Orme-Johnson's Teleconference + Help!

Good day Vibe Tribe,

I erred (again) on my last email, so sorry. Here is the proper number to
listen to the recording (1.5 hours), until March 3:

641-715-3429, access code 545195#

Sorry for the mix up. I am sure you'll enjoy the teleconference!

This might be a good time to ask for help. Our small volunteer staff does
amazing things but we need more help; this is my puny excuse for my recent
errors :-)

If you have talent in any of the following areas, and can commit to regular
time investment with us, I'd love to hear from you. My goal is that these
will ultimately be paid positions as we succeed in attracting more people to
invest with us via monetary means:

1. We're developing an Ecommerce site for using open source software, where we'll be offering products and
services related to global consciousness, meditation, oneness, peace,
retreats, sacred journeys, etc. We're looking for an ecommerce manager that
can help establish product selection criteria, develop systems, manage the
development process and merchants, and, hopefully someone familiar with
implementing Zen-Cart. These can be two different persons.

2. Fundraising manager/specialist. We are developing some very creative
fundraising projects and need someone experienced in these matters to help
shorten our learning curve and implement the programs.

3. Web Master with HTML IV and PHP programming experience for the site (about 15-20 hours a month).

4. An artistic web designer for the site.

5. Communications manager and events coordinator, to help create and manage
communications with our global audience, the press and help manage events. 

6. Bookkeeper/Accountant familiar with non-profit accounting (California

7.Attorney for California Non-Profit.

I know how busy most of you probably are, but if you know anyone who might
be interested in sharing our vision and helping out, please forward this to

Thank you!

Joseph Giove

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