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Update, schedule through June 2008

Good day Vibe Tribe,

It was an amazing call with Dr David Orme-Johnson, describing the Maharishi
Effect, some theories of our collective work, and the decades of
groundbreaking research on this fascinating subject. If you missed it, you
can hear it recorded here until March 3rd:

641-715-4329, access code 545195#

Here are some other updates:

1. Our next TeleConference (Tuesday March 4th at 6 Pm PST)  on the "Science
of Collective Consciousness, the Search for Real-Time Indicators" is Dr.
Roger Nelson, Director of the Global Consciousness Project
( You do not want to miss Dr. Nelson explain
how the activity of a network of computers spread around the world seems to
fluctuate with collective consciousness activity. There have been
significant correlations with numerous collective activities over the last
10 years, including our own global meditations:

Conference call details will be given freely to everyone on this
InfinityAffinity list or the CommonPassion list. For now, just mark the

2. The next scientist will be Dr. Rollin McCraty (April 8th at 6 PM PST),
head of research and development for Heartmath Institute: They are building a global coherence monitoring
system based on the electromagnetic properties of the human heart and of the
earth. Dr. McCraty will talk about this project and their substantial body
of research from the last two decades about the intelligence of the heart.

3. Here is a rough idea of the Global Concordances around related events
that we'll be orchestrating and or participating in over the next four
months. Details to come:

March 20-23  (Vernal Equinox, Mohammed's Birthday, Easter)

April 6 (Moses Code Global Meditation)

April 19-22 (Passover, Opening of the Oneness Temple in India, Earth Day)

May 1 Global Love Day:

May 15-16 Midpoint of the Mayan Fifth Night, a continuation of the
Breakthrough Celebration

May 16-June 21 Daily Global Peace Meditation Program culminating in the
Global Eden Event

June 14-24 5 Million Person Peace Jerusalem:

June 17-21 The Gathering of One, Eden Event in West Yellowstone and the
Global Eden Event around the world:

June 24 The Big Hug, another Jerusalem City hug, with other city hugs around
the world at the same time.

Help is spread the New Vibe!

All my best,
Joseph Giove

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