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Launch of Manifestation Circles, please join us Thurs Mar 5 at 9PM Eastern

PLEASE MARK THE DATE: "Manifestation Circles Launch" Free teleconference
with Joseph Giove and Maureen Moss of World Puja Network. Thursday March
5th, 2009 at 9 PM Eastern  Time, 6 PM Pacific Time, 2 AM GMT (on the 6th);
NUMBER TO CALL: (724) 444-7444, Call ID: 36237, then 1#; GLOBAL WEB ACCESS
and "PAST EPISODES" LINK for listening to after the call:

Good day Vibe Tribe,

I am excited to launch our Manifestation Circles, which we will do this week
with Maureen Moss of World Puja Network and YOU! We will use the power of
collective intention to manifest our personal desires and visions. A few
years ago we did this and everyone that participated loved it.

The process is simple, free and anyone can join us. What we will do this
week is just the beginning of growing numbers of Manifestation Circles
within the Common Passion global community and shared/energized actively on
the Common Passion Forum and in subsequent Teleconferences.

1. Post your Personal Manifestation Guide on the CommonPassion Forum here:

You need to be a registered user of the forum to make posts.

Your "Personal Manifestation Guide" should be 200 words or less. Please
share your personal visions, goals and desires in the first-person, present
tense (as if it is already the case, which it may be!). Just list the
manifestations you desire in your personal life, include relationship,
financial, living circumstance, spiritual, life passion and other relevant
aspects. Be clear, concise (200 words or less) and vivid in your
descriptions. Include "time" lines if appropriate and how you will *feel*
with their manifestation.

2. As a group, will energize and empower your vision. This will occur during
our call this week and every time someone reads your post.

3. As the number of participants grow, more Manifestation Circles will be

As you read others' Personal Manifestation Guides please offer them the
power of your own creative abilities to manifest. Tune into the person,
see/feel their vision as a reality, and see/feel their appreciation for
having their dreams fulfilled.

And please, help us spread the New Vibe!

Thank you.

Joseph R. Giove

PS. I will be combining InfinityAffinity and CommonPassion email list
servers to save time and money. So please add and allow and to your adrress
book and "permissible senders" list in your email program's SPAM filter.

PPS. The next Journey to the Sacred Land of the Maya in Guatemala with Don
Alejandro Prez Oxlaj will be May 22 - June 2, 2009:

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