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REMIDER: Is "The Shift" feeling you? CP Community Call Tuesday Feb 10th


PLEASE MARK THE DATE: Important Common Passion Community Call Tuesday
February 10th, 2009 at 9 PM Eastern  Time, 6 PM Pacific Time, 2 AM GMT (on
the 11th); NUMBER TO CALL: (724) 444-7444, Call ID: 36237, then 1#; GLOBAL

Dear Vibe Tribe,

I know you're feeling the shift.

Is the shift feeling you?

When we come together in coherence and our powerful shared intentions, we
make the shift feel us. We've done amazing things together over the years.
We have been enriched by each other, and the world has been enriched even if
it doesn't realize it.

It is now time to ratchet up our influence to a higher level, for each of us
individually and for all our brothers and sisters around the world. And we
need your help in order to do it.

With your help we are being proactive in quickening the "shift" in 2009

• Our unique "Manifestation Circles" program for personal and collective
reality shifting.

• Creating a global "Great Reality" with World Puja in March

• Celebrating the global "Return of the Ancestors" with ICA in April

• Co-Creating a "Shift of the Ages" Global Concordance Program throughout

• A Facebook "Six Degrees of Separation-Reconciliation" Global Harmony
Program with World Oneness Center

• Release of The Shift of the Ages film, featuring the living Mayan's first
public address to the world about the Mayan Cosmo Vision and the end of this
Grand Cycle

• Release of Dr Carl Calleman's new book "The Purposeful Universe" with a
global consciousness raising program aligned with The Shift of the Ages film

• Our work will culminate this year with the initiation of a Trans-Species
Global Concordance Program, involving all of life and Mama Gaia in a massive
celebration of Life that will radiate throughout the galaxy.


These incredible Common Passion (CP) programs only happen with your help. We
are forming or expanding our volunteer teams to help make these projects a
reality. We need your help! Please invest with us now by lending your
valuable creativity, energy and insight in one or more of the following

• Manifestation Circles. Using the CommonPassion Discussion Forum, we will
help manifest each others' personal visions by collectively empowering each
others' dreams and desires. These circles will also explore "The Soul of
Money" and ways we can all thrive in a new paradigm economy, like barter
systems (, alternative/complimentary currencies, abundance
creation, etc, and share it with our members.

• Shift of the Ages Global Concordance Co-Creation. Explores what the
"shift" is for people, initiates CP community involvement in "the shift,"
communicates with indigenous cultures, co-creates the global concordance
program for 2009 (global meditation and speaker roster), interacts with the
Shift of the Ages film project team. Develops further plans for the next
five years to fulfill our co-creative collective capacities between now and
2014, with an eye toward visioning to 2020.

• Technology. Updates web site content, further develops event registration
systems, and further implements CP's technology vision to fulfill our
mission. Also implements our "Coherence Mall" eCommerce initiative where we
will offer CP member products and services that stimulate personal and
collective coherence.

• Children's Education Program. Develops a leading edge educational system
to teach children about the power of individual and collective consciousness
through fun and entertaining methods. This system will be co-created with
and initiated through alternative schools like Waldorf and similar
progressive learning centers.

• Trans-Species Global Concordance Program. Develops and implements the
program and initiates the consciousness raising-aspects of this most
important celebration.

• Communications and Outreach. Develops the communications strategy and plan
to interact with the CP volunteer teams and global community, other
potential collaborators and the world at large. Manages the Discussion Forum
to keep timely and stimulating topics active.

• Fund Raising Programs. Develops and implements fun, creative fundraising
projects to financially support our programs.

• Grant Acquisition. Researches, identifies and applies for grants for our

• Legal. As we broaden our scope and interests around the globe, we need
experienced legal counselors, familiar with Federal and California State
non-profit regulations and laws.


Typical teams will be 2 to 5 people, will meet twice monthly on
conveniently-scheduled teleconferences, may require an average of 5 to 10
hours per month per person, may need to interact with other teams.

It is helpful but not necessary for volunteers to have relevant skills and
experience for each team activity. The most important gifts we seek are
commitment, shared vision, diligence, integrity and a willingness to learn
and apply your innate creativity and gifts.


If your time is limited, you can also help in two very important ways:

1. Perhaps you know someone who would make time to work with us. Please
forward this email invitation to them.

2. Participate in our programs with heart, mind and soul when we release
them. Join in our teleconferences and lend your creativity, awareness,
coherence and insights.

3. Invest financially with us. Common Passion is a 501(c) (3) investing in a
world of social and environmental harmony. If your labor is too precious
now, then please share with us the fruits of your labor. As Lynn Twist says,
"We're not running 'non-profit' organization; we are all Social Prophets
generating social profits." We will gratefully receive cash donations,
property or the income from it, estate asset assignments or other,
tax-sensitive, creative ways of gifting to our common passion.


To learn more or to register your intention to join one of our teams please
email your interests, along with your CV or resume, to MJ Holt at


Learn more about these amazing 2009 programs on our free Community
teleconference. You can join in via the phone dial-in number or listen/chat
online anywhere in the world, at the time and date below, or afterward in
the "Past Episodes" section on the link below.

DATE: Tuesday February 10th, 2009

TIME: 9 PM Eastern Time, 6 PM Pacific Time, 2 AM GMT (on the 11th),

NUMBER TO DIAL: Phone Number: (724) 444-7444
Call ID: 36237, then 1#


Thank you for reading this long invitation.

We have reached that critical moment we've been envisioning and for which we
have been not-so-patiently awaiting. It's a creative moment, a perpetual
moment, a living, loving, joyous moment.

It is not without its challenges as the old falls away and dissolves (or
implodes) before our very eyes. But we can support each other and all our
fellow soul mates as we actively create a world that works for everyone. A
world where we collectively awaken to our rightful place in the living
cosmos. Not as pitiful beggars on the steps of a distant throne, but as
rightful heirs to a loving, sentient and divinely purposeful kingdom. A
kingdom within…everything!

Don't you think it's about time?

Really, isn't it about time?

All my best,
Joseph R. Giove (Next Journey to the Sacred Land of the Maya
May 22nd - June 2nd, 2009)

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