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Home Stretch to a WiseUSA!

Good Day Vibe Tribe,

I sure hope you've been catching our incredible guests on the WiseUSA
Talkcasts. The full schedule is here:, 

and the access info below.

You can listen to or download most of the meditations here:

We had an blissful Gracelight sharing with Dattatreya Siva Baba on

Tonight, Thursday Oct. 30, Arthur Collins will guide us on an deep and
powerful global healing meditation.

Friday, Elizabeth Tobin will lead us into the depths of our ancestry,
helping us recode our deepest natures for the rapid shifts we are all

Saturday, Fumi Stewart and the World Peace Prayer Society will guide a
Global Link TeleConference for WiseUSA:

Sunday is the Global Ceremony for WiseUSA, with locations in your home or
sanctuary, or San Jose, California and Washington DC. We hope you will join
us in heart and mind here (please tell us what you are doing on Nov 2nd):

Remember, WiseUSA 08 is about celebration, about honoring the heart and soul
of America. As Winifred Rhodes Emmanuel (Gay Troubadour of the Organ) says:

"Just keep humming and the discords will be drowned out. Life is a great
organ, to be played with body and soul...forget yourself in its majestic
rhythms and you will find heaven on earth." 

See/feel you in the Vibe!

All my best,
Joseph R. Giove
Executive Director

PS. Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., President, Institute for Frontier Science, is
looking for TM meditators for a study in the SF Bay Area. To find out more,
email brubik@earthlink

Please note: you can download the WiseUSA press release from the home page. Please help us distribute this to any and
all press sources.
Each Telecast will feature the guests below and the guiding of a global
meditation or prayer aligned with the core intent of the WiseUSA program.

Either David Nicol or I, Joseph Giove, will host the calls. The full
schedule along with guest details are on the site.
All times are given below in Pacific time, most (unless otherwise noted) are
at 5:30 PM Pacific time (8:30 Eastern, 11:30 PM GMT):
(724) 444-7444; Call ID 24753# then 1#.
To join the Webcast online or view "Past Episodes" go here:
INTENSIVE, Oct 25 - Nov 6
Arthur Collins, Thurs Oct 30
5.30-6.30pm PDT
Elizabeth Tobin, Friday Oct 31

World Peace Prayer Society Global Link Up:
11.00am PDT, 2.00pm EDT, 7.00pm GMT:
Global Ceremony, Sun Nov 2
1.30-3pm PST

David Spangler, Mon Nov 3
5.30-6.30pm PST
Gaiafield Wisdom Council, Tues Nov 4
6 -7 am PST
Joseph Giove, Elizabeth Tobin, Wed Nov 5
5.30-6.30PM PST
Gaiafield Wisdom Council, Thurs Nov 6
5.30-6.30 pm PST

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