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Lynne Twist tonight on WiseUSA Telecast, Oct 3, 2008

Hello Vibe Tribe,
Today we are honored to have Lynne Twist,, joining us.
You may recall me speaking about Lynn and her amazing work around the soul
of money, the shift from scarcity to sufficiency and her tireless work for
the planet and world's hungry. 

Lynne has just returned from a year in Ecuador, no doubt bringing great
insights and wisdom from her time with native elders, and a fresh outlook on
our present issues. 

I will be hosting Lynne on the call tonight, and after discussions about a
fresh way of viewing our present economic and political conditions, we will
guide a global meditation/prayer for a wise USA.

TELECAST DETAILS (The full schedule below):

TIME: 5:30 to 6:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 pm Eastern, and 11:30 pm GMT

NUMBER TO CALL: (724) 444-7444; Call ID 24753# then 1#
To can join the Webcast online, go here:

For a please pass this email along, print the schedule
(below my signature) and record the number above for all our
Telecasts/Concordances between now and Nov 6th.
Please join us, and help spread the New Vibe!
Joseph R Giove
Executive Director

Each Telecast will feature the guests below and the guiding of a global
meditation or prayer aligned with the core intent of the WiseUSA program.
Either David Nicol or I, Joseph Giove, will host the calls. The full
schedule along with guest details are on the site.
All times are given below in Pacific time, most are at 5:30 PM Pacific time
(8:30 Eastern, 11:30 PM GMT):
(724) 444-7444; Call ID 24753# then 1#.
To join the Webcast online here:

Lynne Twist, Fri Oct 3,
5.30-6.30pm PDT
Sharon McErlane, Mon Oct 6,
5.30-6.30pm PDT
Marianne Williamson, Wed Oct 8,
4-5pm PDT
Corinne McLaughlin, Fri Oct 10,
11am-12noon PDT
Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, Tues Oct 14,
5.30-6.30pm PDT
James Twyman, Wed Oct 15
5.30-6.30pm PDT
Max Simon, Thurs Oct 16
5.30-6.30pm PDT
James O'Dea, Tues Oct 21
5.30-6.30pm PDT
Common Passion/Wisdom Council orientation Thurs. Oct 23 5.30-6.30pm PDT
INTENSIVE, Oct 25 - Nov 6
Rev Ellen Grace O'Brian, Sat Oct 25
10am-12noon PDT
Howard Martin, Sun Oct 26
5.30-6.30pm PDT
Swami Beyondananda, Mon Oct 27
5.30-6.30pm PDT
Lynda Terry, Tues Oct 28
5.30-6.30 PDT
Siva Baba, Wed Oct 29
11am-12noon PDT
Arthur Collins, Thurs Oct 30
5.30-6.30pm PDT
Elizabeth Tobin, Friday Oct 31
Global Ceremony, Sun Nov 2
1.30-3pm PST
David Spangler, Mon Nov 3
5.30-6.30pm PST
Gaiafield Wisdom Council, Tues Nov 4
6 -7 am PST
Joseph Giove, Wed Nov 5
5.30-6.30PM PST
Gaiafield Wisdom Council, Thurs Nov 6
5.30-6.30 pm PST

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