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May 1: Global Love Day, Ascension Day

Good day Vibe Tribe,

This is a day of love and rising to higher vibrations of being.

1. Global Love Day, May 1st, all day. Here's the shared intention:

An International Celebration Of Humanity

We are one humanity on this planet.
All life is interconnected and interdependent.
All share in the Universal bond of love.
Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness.
With tolerance and compassion we embrace diversity.
Together we make a difference through love.

"Love Begins With Me" 

For more info:

2. Ascension Day, May 1st, 2008 at 7 pm GMT / 3 pm EDT (New York)

"Support the ascension into light and the realization of the New Age. We
would be very happy if as much people as possible join us in this

Details of the meditation below my signature.

3. My half-marathon run for peace is this Sunday. I'd love for you to
sponsor me and help us at CommonPassion further our work of social and
environmental harmony. 

You can download the sponsorship form by going to:

In the Quick Links box on the right, you'll see the link to downlaod the
form. Thank you!

Please, help us spread the new vibe!


Ascension Day Meditation, complements of Da Vid of and

The Meditation
(Everybody starts by moving into meditation in his/her own way)

We open to the cosmic energy. With our breathing white golden divine light
is flowing into us. The light is streaming in every cell of our body. We are
glowing in this light and we feel safe and secure.

Then we connect with our planet, Gaia. We let the light in us stream into
Earth, deep inside her and see it anchor in the crystalline core in the
center of the planet.

In this light we are one with the cosmos and the earth, ONE with us and with

We feel our breath streaming through our body. We open our heart and direct
our awareness into the middle of our heart. We connect with our inner light,
our inner Christ-power, the divine source in us. Love, Power and Peace is
streaming through our hearts and fulfills us completely.

We ARE in our divine presence.
We ARE completely in our truth.
We ARE unconditional love.
We ARE a manifestation of the divine on earth.

(Hold the energies for one moment)

The divine power who we ARE in our heart fills our whole being. The divine
power expands around us and connects with the energies of the other physical
or etherical beings in this room.

The divine power is expanding - into the house, the place, the city. This
power in us expands into the whole country and into the continent and unites
with all other divine energies on the surface of Earth to ONE light, to ONE
power, to ONE beaming grid of love and peace.

Our united divine power is streaming deep into the earth, into the
crystalline core of the planet. There we anchor our energies and from there
they flow back to the surface in powerful rays of light - and out into our
solar system, into universe, filling all levels of the cosmos, penetrating

(Hold the vision for one moment)

Everything now is light, everything now is love, everything now is peace, in
ourselves and all around us.

We are back home again, at home in god, at home in ourselves. We have come
back into the oneness of creation. Back to the paradise which we once left
to experience ourselves, to become human beings.

We now realize who we really are: Ascended Masters in the Consciousness of
Light, divine love and universal peace.

In the consciousness of our divine presence we create the New Earth. With
our light and with the power of love in ourselves, we create the presence of
the divine here on earth. A world full of peace, attentiveness and

This creation is awakening now. It is awakening in us, in our hearts. And
through us it will awaken in this world. Humanity knows its divine potential
and is finding its true nature of human beingness. The cosmic plan, the
ascension into light, completes itself.

(Hold the vision for one moment)

With our consciousness we come back to the place of our physical body. We
become aware once again where we are.

We take a few deep breaths and come back completely into the Here and Now.
Back into our own deeply felt truth.

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