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Hello Vibe Tribe,

A stupendous opportunity this week for opening to oneness through grace,
honoring the Mother in all things, including the Earth, and being the living
sacred geometries that we are:

1. In addition to your activities to minimize your "footprint" and be
ecologically thoughtful this Earth Day (April 22), let's take this week as
another threshold to love our Mother/Goddess in all things: raw,
unconditional love toward the trees, the animals, the clouds, the Divine
Feminine within all creation. Let's find creative ways to be/do this week,
and let it continue in the following weeks and months.

2. April 21-22 is the opening of Amma Bhagavan's Oneness Temple in India,
with an expected 1.5 million people expected to attend. After the Temple's
consecration this week, 6,000 to 8,000 enlightened beings will stay in
meditation around the clock, providing an anchoring/opening of grace and
enlightenment to all on the planet. This would be a good week to stay open
to those divine, undeserved gifts we call grace. You can read more here:

"The highest of states is the state of seva (selfless service offered to the
divine). The spirit of seva is in-built into every insight, realization,
mystical experience and mukti (liberation, freedom). It is the spirit that
drives you to share with the world what has been given to you." 
- Amma

3. HeartMath's "Connecting a Million Hearts" on Earth Day, April 22, two
minutes of appreciation and connection:

4. Recording of GW Hardin's call (until April 25th) on Sacred Geometry and
the Gathering of One, The Global Eden Event:

(641) 715-3429, access code 545195#

5. Teleconference this Friday on logistics for setting up your own local
event on June 21st for the Global Eden Event:

DATE: April 25th
TIME: 6:00 to 7:00 PM PDT
NUMBER TO CALL: (616) 712-8000
ACCESS CODE: 545195#

Have a great week in the Divine Vibe! And please, help us spread it!

All my best,

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